Tuesday, June 26, 2007

All This Talk about Buehrle....Why??

I'm having trouble understanding why the Red Sox are showing a strong interest in Buehrle. Yes, he is a good, left-handed starter, but he is so inconsistent. Last time I checked the Sox owned the best record in all of MLB and they have the leagues first 11 game winner. If Schilling's injury is more serious than previously reported, or if he has any setbacks, I think you make some sort of deal. But if Schilling comes back and can be consistent, why do you trade away your prospects??

Here's the players Chicago would probably be looking for in return:

I think the Sox would be stupid to get rid of these guys. Yes the farm is loaded with talent, just refer back to last year's deal to get Josh Beckett, anyone remember Hanley Ramirez? Last time I check Julio Lugo was not exactly hitting the cover off the ball and Ramirez is having another great season. Trading Lowery or Ellsbury will mean the roller coaster ride in center and shortstop will continue for the next couple seasons. These two are a few seasons away from possibly making it to the big show.
Yes, Buehrle can show flashes of brilliance, but do we really want to pay $10 million plus for a player that you don't know if he's going to show up when it's his turn in the rotation. I'd rather take my chances with the young talent.

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